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Friday, August 7, 2009

GolfTraxx OTA is Here for BlackBerry

So, its been pretty busy and really exciting at GolfTraxx. We've hit over 100,000 downloads and now we are on OTA (Over The Air) distribution for all of our supported BlackBerry devices. For those golfers on PC's this is big news simply because you can purchase and download GolfTraxx on your device without ever having to synch with your PC.

For those (including yours truly), that are Macintosh users... well this is HUGE news. Someday RIM will give us our very own version of Desktop Manager, until then we can only get software via OTA. The rumor mill has a version of Apple DM out there, so we will be full members of the RIM family soon. Not that I will get rid of my iPhone when that happens.

Speaking of BlackBerry. Here is a teaser shot from the BlackBerry STORM version of GolfTraxx in development. Aren't there ANY Storm users here in the SF Bay Area? How about in the Sacramento, or Monterey Bay Area? We could use your input on new developments.

Newest Testimonial:


Just thought I'd let you know... I just finished playing at Placid Lakes. The front was played without GolfTraxx and I shot 43. At the turn the course was activated and I shot 37 on the back. I think the product is great.

Keep up the good work.


We will R.M., thanks for the course, and nice shooting!